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Long Cultural Heritage

Jiangyin Hucheng Insulating Material Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1958, after half a century of wind and rain Xi Lian, good governance, the enterprise has now become the production of electronic and electrical insulation class laminate consisting mainly of professional manufacturers, insulation materials industry The main backbone enterprises.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

The company has advanced manufacturing technology, strong technical force and strict quality control system, in the "technology first, quality first, integrity first, service first" principle, "Hu Cheng" brand insulation laminate for the thousands of domestic and international distributors of insulating material, machinery and electronic products manufacturers and board manufacturers to provide high-quality raw materials.

Good governance, innovation

Focus on now, in the face of opportunities and challenges, we will always uphold the fine style of work, we make every effort to "good governance, innovation," the spirit to a higher goal.

The times, strengthen cooperation

Looking ahead, on the road ahead, we will join hands with you, and when both promote and enhance cooperation, and actively create the chances of success.



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